Surplus Return

a Subsidiary of Bid 'n' Ask

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FOREX MARKET: BASIC                                                                     $199.99

Lesson 1: Introduction to the foreign exchange market

Lesson 2 : How to choose a forex broker and analyze the currency markets.

Lesson 3: The beginner's guide to technical analysis.

FOREX MARKET: INTERMEDIATE                                                      $299.99

Lesson 4: Chart indicators, Chart patterns and Pivot points.

Lesson 5: Elliott Wave Theory and harmonic price patterns.

Lesson 6: Divergences, Breakouts and Multiple time frames.

FOREX MARKET: ADVANCED                                                            $299.99

Lesson 7: Bullish or Bearish Market, news releases and price movement.

Lesson 8: Effects of other asset classes like stocks, bonds and commodities 

 Lesson 9: Trading plan, Trading system and Trading journal.

 Lesson 10: Risk management skills 

Surplus Return

a subsidiary of Bid 'n' Ask