Surplus Return

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All About Stocks: BASIC                                                                       $199.99

Is Investing in Your Blood?

Understanding Fundamental Securities

What Is the Stock Market?

Historical Returns and Volatility

Risk, Expected Return, and Diversification

What Determines How Much You’ll Make

All About Stocks: INTERMEDIATE                                                        $299.99

The Efficient Market Hypothesis

Choosing a Brokerage Firm

Trading and Investing Basics

Trading Strategies and Common Mistakes

The Language of Financial Reporting

Corporate Analysis and Valuation

All About Stocks: ADVANCED                                                              $299.99

Mutual Funds and Other Investment Companies

Minimizing Transaction Costs and Taxes

Tax Shelters—Retirement Plans

Making Sense of IPOs

The Stock Market and the Macro Economy

Investing with Confidence

Surplus Return

a subsidiary of Bid 'n' Ask